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Frankline Model GM475x3 Leather Motion Group

Frankline Model GM475x3 Leather Motion Group

Seat your guests in perfect comfort to watch the latest Video. Each piece of the luxurious top grain leather furniture with ease. The sofa has a recliner in each end, the loveseat seats both recline and the plush recliner rocks too! Top grain leather cushions are supported on arched steel springs and leather is the most durable of all coverings. Choose Aniline dyed leather color, Chestnut brown, tan or burgundy.

Model GM475x3 3 piece leather groupRetail Value$5500
Model GM475S90 inch reclining sofaRetail Value$2100
Model GM475LS 70 inch reclining loveseatRetail Value$1900
Model GM475RRCRocker reclinerRetail Value$1500