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Sunview Adjustable Bed

Sunview Adjustable Bed

Sunview Imports brings you the ultimate in comfort. Motor driven steel mechanism lifts your head, feet or both with a touch of a button on the remote control. This puts you in the just right position you want to watch TV, read or exercise. Push the remote again to return to the flat position for a great nights sleep. The included Visco memory foam mattress is attached to the frame with a washable cover. Use this adjustable bed with your current bed frame or free standing on it's 7" high steel legs. Bed frame shown is not included.

Model 300-100KEKing Adjustable Bed & MattressRetail Value$4,995
Model 300-100QQueen Adjustable Bed & MattressRetail Value$4,595
Model 300-100TTwin Adjustable Bed & MattressRetail Value$3,595